Charred Octopus & Mediterranean Salad

Posted October 20, 2020

Charred Octopus & Mediterranean Salad
(Gavin Sutherland recipe)

Our fifth food and wine pairing in this series is the 2019 McLaren Vale Touriga which another_food_blogger has matched with a beautiful dish of Charred Octopus with Meditteranean Salad to match.   The good acidity and robust flavours in the McLaren Vale Touriga match perfectly with the Octopus and Mediterranean Salad.

Blackfruits and sour red fruits, a hint of roses and Earl Grey tea finishing with plentiful tannins. There’s a deep red fruit intensity shining through and a savoury edge here. An excellent food wine, different but delicious.  A perfect match for the Charred Octopus.


serves 4



Octopus x 600g
Olive oil x 4 tbsp


Baby potatoes (3)
Orange (1) segmented
Chorizo sausage (1)
Spring onion (1) – sliced finely
Olives (6) – cut in quarters
1 tbsp Capers
small handful dill
12 Sundried tomatoes
Parsley (small handful)

Salad Dressing

Orange juice x 2 tbsp
Olive oil x 4 tbsp
Oregano x ½ tsp
Salt & pepper
Garlic x 1 – crushed


  1. Place octopus in a pot of cold water and bring to a simmer, reduce heat and simmer for approx. 1 hour *see tips*
  2. Allow octopus to cool in water, remove and place on a tray lined with a towel and allow to cool further in fridge for minimum 1 hour *see tips*
  3. Cut tentacles into individual pieces, oil and season them.
  4. Cook on BBQ @ 200c for 3-4 minutes total




  1. Boil the potatoes until you can pierce them with a knife easily - around 12 minutes. Cool them and then cut them lengthways into small wedges
  2. Segment orange and squeeze juice from remaining orange bits you cut away from the fruit for dressing – you should get a couple of tablespoons
  3. Cut chorizo in ¼ lengthways and then into 1cm pieces – fry for 3 minutes just before grilling the octopus
  4. Add all salad ingredients together and toss in a bowl

Salad Dressing

  1. Add squeezed orange juice, olive oil, garlic & seasonings together, whisk to combine and set aside

Essential Tools

  • Chef knives
  • Chopping board
  • Mixing bowl x 2
  • Measuring utensils
  • Large saucepan
  • Saucepan
  • BBQ or Grill Pan


  • When cooking the octopus you may need to weigh it down so that it is submerged in water. I used a lid from a saucepan that was smaller than the actual saucepan
  • Allow the octopus to cool in the water as it is very delicate and you don’t want to damage the tentacles
  • Allow the octopus to further cool on a lined tray. This will help harden the tentacles and soak up any excess water.  This is important so you can crisp up the tentacles nicely!