Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio 2019

This Heirloom Vineyards Pinot Grigio was produced from our best Adelaide Hills Vineyard whose clones and viticulture embody the very best in cutting edge but old school viticulture and winemaking. Hand tended vines, sorted bunch-by-bunch, naturally fermented free run juice, and bottled immediately to retain the purity of the fruit.

The colour is refreshingly clear and bright; faintly pale - very pale - gold. A rim-edge just hinting at the viscous.

The aroma is Granny Smith apple skin, spice, immediacy, a troy ounce of freshly grated ginger, your kitchen garden’s green herbs, river pebbles, Dolomite marble... The palate in a word? Dry. Grigio for grown ups. Textural and structural - for one without the other is impossible, or at least morally wrong. The palate has length, and to each side of that line a quiet chorus of bath salts, more apple skin, tang, the hinting grip of viscosity, and, in the end, the essence of grigio.

Overall this white wine demonstrates a seriousness without jettisoning its playfulness and ease. As a result you have a white wine you can sip well chilled at 11am, or a white wine you can serve with substantial luncheon or pre-dinner antipasti: salumi, pickled octopus or calamari, green olives with chilli, zucchini frittata, or slices of pear with Gorgonzola Dolcelatte.

An extraordinary Pinot Grigio from the Adelaide Hills that will cellar well but is so deliciously perfect now any argument for delayed gratification is almost academic.

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