Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2018

This Heirloom Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc was produced from our best Adelaide Hills Vineyard whose clones and viticulture embody the very best in cutting edge but old school viticulture and winemaking. Hand tended vines, sorted bunch-by-bunch, naturally fermented free run juice, gently tank pressed and partially stored (15%) in well-seasoned French oak barriques for 12 weeks.

The colour is bright and beautifully with onomatopoeic like green straw tinges at the edges of the glass. Let it catch the light and marvel at the sparkle.

The aroma has an outrageous lift. This wine is like smelling spring the Adelaide hills, flowers blossoming, especially jasmine and veritable ripening in the market gardens, chives and lemongrass and leeks but overall it has a 3 dimensional quality to the aromas, ripening gooseberries and some mown grass. Blackcurrant and pink grapefruit dominate.

The Heirloom Adelaide Hills has that extra dimension, no just fresh and tangy but mouth filling with citrus flavours that fulfil and refresh. Almost impossible to over chill this wine can be drunk with an amazing array of foods or just by itself. The acidity and freshness is the key to keeping all the flavour to the forefront.

An extraordinary Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills that will cellar well but is so deliciously perfect now any argument for delayed gratification is almost academic.

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  • China Wine & Spirits Awards Best Value 2019 – Gold Medal
  • Critics International Wine Challenge (USA) 2019 – Silver Medal
  • Winemaker Challenge International Wine Challenge (USA) 2019 – Silver Medal
  • AWC Vienna International Wine Show 2019 - Silver Medal
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