Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2019

This Heirloom Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc was produced from our best Adelaide Hills Vineyard whose clones and viticulture embody the very best in cutting edge but old school viticulture and winemaking. Hand tended vines, sorted bunch-by-bunch, naturally fermented free run juice, gently tank pressed and partially stored (15%) in well-seasoned French oak barriques for 12 weeks.

The colour is pale gold and white-gold; star-bright; a hint of viscosity spells purity and intensity.

The aroma is freshly zested citrus peel of myriad varieties, but the citrus paradisi feature well: star ruby, Marsh’s seedless, pomelo, dwarf red grapefruit… There’s a strong background of lemon and lime, to boot, with subtle support coming around the olfactory edges from sauvignon blanc’s other usual suspects: the herbaceousness of freshly cut lawn, lantana, gooseberry and a far-off blackcurrant.

On the palate the citrus and herbaceous elements orbit around a finely spun core of concentrated fruit power. This light-speed white wine has the full panoply of the variety’s flavour: including the outer-circling asteroids of apple and green bean, passionfruit, melons, and green capsicum.

Besides this wine’s marked aromatics, the star here is the interplay between fruit purity and intensity and the searing line of clear, clean, unbending acidity that acts like a light-sabre through the said fruit. It is a white wine that loves chilling and can stand up to any modern fusion-confusion food imaginable. A simple prawn dumpling with a light chilli sauce would be perfect, however. Odd numbers of them, of course.

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